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Aspen Suede Belt Collection

If you know Elliot Rhodes you will know we are partial to a suede belt. We love its tactile nature and versatility.

Generally we recommend suede for smart or smart casual occasions – our suede belts are lined with a full grain leather to give them structure, form & a certain sleekness.

But this season we are bringing you something new – our Aspen suede is a fresh take on our traditional suede. This time around we have used a thicker unlined leather (think Bull rather than Calf leather) to create a suede – as a result it is extremely soft and supple with a suede surface that is a little more rustic in feel than our normal suede. This makes it ideal for more robust casual wear where you want your belt to feel a touch more rugged and less refined.  

can pair our new Aspen belts with all sorts of buckles - from simple to flamboyant. A simple buckle will be just fine, maybe in a slightly antique finish rather than something too shiny which would be out of keeping. But have some fun with more extravagant buckles by all means, you can see how we have styled some up ourselves!

Warm and mellow our Aspen belts are perfect worn with denim, draped casually around a dress, popped on with shorts.