Belt Width Guide

40mm (standard) 


Men's belt 40mm wide - chinos

The 40mm width is one we promote for denim and most casual wear occasions. This width fills the loops of your jeans nicely and has a suitably weighty feel against both denim and other casual trousers. You can use this width for almost all but the most formal of occasions, it is extremely versatile.

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Womens standard belt - 40mm wide

The 40mm width is as good for women as it is men and is one of the first things most women discover when they visit our stores. There is a perception that the wdith may be too wide but on the contrary, it is a really versatile width that is ideal for almost any trouser, perfect for denim, really useful to wear over a dress, skirt or knitwear. Using this width also opens up a plethora of buckle choices from classic to flamboyant which is what makes it so popular. Most women having tried this width will henceforth default to it and find it a belt width for all occasions.

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35mm (standard)


Men's belt 35mm wide - casual

Men's belt 35mm wide - suit

This is our go to width for most men when they want a smarter belt or a belt that can cross between smart and casual. It will work nicely with suits and more formal trousers and can also be dressed down with jeans and chino type trousers. 

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Women's jeans belt - 35mm wide

Women's jeans belt - performance collection - 35mm wide

This is not a width we use often for women as they are generally best served by the 30mm or 40mm width where the buckle choices are more diverse and less masculine. However, in certain cases it is the right match for an outfit, notably for suede belts or belts from our performance collection.  

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30mm (narrow) 


Men's belt 30mm wide (narrow) - suit

We recommend this width of belt for men with smaller waist sizes (up to 34") who want a belt for more formal occasions or for wearing with trousers made in finer fabrics. It is also a very useful width if you wear very skinny trousers, high waisted trousers or have a slight build.  

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Women's belt 30mm wide (narrow) - dress

Women's jeans belt - 30mm wide

A really versatile width that can be worn both high and low waisted, used to cinch in a dress, wear loosely over knitwear or pair with jeans. For the latter we in general err towards the 40mm width, but if you have a skinnier build you might prefer this 30mm width as there is a little less 'belt'. 

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25mm (slim)



Women's belt 25mm wide (slim) - dress

Women's jeans belt - 25mm wide

This width is a bit of a hybrid between a more decorative skinny belt and one that can also serve well for smarter trousers, skirts or skinny jeans. It is just a little more substantial so particularly suitable if you want a skinny belt to use on weightier fabrics. 

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20mm (skinny)



Women's belt 20mm wide (skinny) - dress

This is the ideal belt width if you are looking for a skinny belt, whether to wear over a dress to accentuate your waist or as a more decorative belt for smarter trousers. 

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60mm (wide)



Women's belt 60mm wide - dress

This wide belt width comes and goes with fashion, but we know that there are women who like the look and feel of these wide width styles that are ideal as a centrepiece worn over a dress or skirt to really create an hourglass figure.

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