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Finally they are here!

Later than planned but we are happy to showcase 14 brand new Genuine Python leather belt styles. There are some truly outstanding belts in this collection, with hypnotic and mesmerising colour combinations that really will take your breath away.

We’ve had a little fun and paired a lot of these belts with some one off or limited edition buckles to create eye-catching and truly unique belts that you will never see anywhere else.

If you want to add a truly dynamic and unique belt to your collection, then check these out!


In case you don't yet know Elliot Rhodes is all about 'Interchangeability'

What's that?'s the ability to mix and match your buckles, taking any strap and simply swapping the buckle over to reinvent your belt, giving both it and you a whole new look.

Our latest buckle arrivals reflect the full cross section of designs and themes that inspire us. From sea life inspiration and organic crystal forms to contemporary prongs and sculptural shapes. Not forgetting some fabulous limited edition shell encrusted styles too!

Have a look - get inspired - reinvent your belt!


We've been promising new wider width belt designs for a good while. Well finally we can reveal our 2 new additions, so here's to our two new designs 'Fonda' & 'Maclaine'.

Fonda is wonderful Asymmetric design that varies in width from 50mm at the back to 90mm at the front. It takes a narrow 20mm buckle for a delicate focal point and has a cool screw design at the back that gives it real style & edge. Crafted from elegant Dauphin leather this is a real statement piece.

Maclaine is a first for us - a buckle free belt! A true corset style with an oval front panel that fastens with a hidden stud, this belt would be a wonderful, elegant finishing touch to anything from a dress to a coat. It comes in sleek Carung Texture leather or mellow Suede.

elliot rhodes is all about...mix & match

When we mention our interchangeable system customers often fear that they might need an advanced science degree to figure it all out.

On the contrary, the beauty of our system is that it is really really simple! The whole point is that we want to encourage you to mix and match your buckles, allowing you to chop and change the look of your belt in the blink of an eye.

Even if you buy one of our ready made belt combinations your belt will still have the same functionality - so hopefully one day you can have some fun and try and mix things up!

Once you’ve tried it a couple of times you’ll find it takes about 3 seconds to change buckles! So changing up to match mood and occasion is a breeze.

Want to get a feel for our in-store experience?

Check out our video to see what a visit to our store feels like...welcome to our world of Mix & Match!


Our newly refurbished Flagship store is in the heart of Covent Garden just a stone's throw from the tube.

Come and see where it all began back in 2004 and have the ultimate Belt Experience with one of our amazing belt consultants!

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