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Men's Suede & Nubuck Belts

Welcome to our fabulous collection of Men's Suede belts. The tactile nature of suede seems to hold timeless appeal and here at Elliot Rhodes we indulge regularly in this wonderful material to create belts ranging from classic to contemporary (contrast stitching, colourful perforations, rivets...). A suede belt should be a wardrobe essential for any man - perfect for matching up with suede shoes, lovely in summer on lighter tones and linen and just a lovely way to add texture to any outfit. Even the simplest belt in suede is a joy to wear with its soft touch and rich feel. Explore our collection to discover a superb array of styles and colours that will surely inspire you. Whatever you choose you can be sure it will be a belt that is beautifully made, handcrafted from the finest Italian or Spanish suede and made traditionally in our Atelier with great care and attention paid to each and every tiny detail, from stitching to polishing to painting.