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Not able to return.

I am sorry that you have had an issue with trying to return this item
We most certainly accept returns and are also happy to carry out exchanges, resizes and more.
Please just send us back the belt and we will sort this out for you.
If you need any help with this please let us know.
All the best,

Great quality - my go to belt brand

Amazing quality and design

Amazing quality and design


I’m a repeat customer and I am just as pleased with this belt as I have been with all of the others. It’s well-made and beautiful. The packaging is sturdy and appealing. The box holds up during shipping and the shipping to the States is lightning fast.

Blue mock stingray whale 🐋 tail belt

A great belt that certainly gets you noticed because of it's very good quality

Beautiful product

The quality of the leather is excellent. the finish and the design are both in line with the most upmarket brands out there. I have always been very happy with Eliot Rhodes products - both belts and accessories - and will continue shopping there.

Heavy weight design fits well on the belt.

4th one in the collection excellent product again from Elliot Rhodes Ltd.

Everything from Elliot Rhodes is always fab. From the way it looks to the way it is packaged, and I love the quick delivery.

My husband loves this belt.

Great quality, tons of compliments and great with jeans.

Lovely belt, lovely service

Always a joy buying from Elliot Rhodes. Quality items, prettily wrapped and a personal charming hand written note popped inside.

It was difficult to find a 40mm black nubuck belt until I stumbled across Elliot Rhodes. The belt is great although it would be better if the interior side wasn't purple.

Beaten Effect Buckle 40mm

Elliot Rhodes Gift Card
Holly Mcdonnell
Gift card

I was unsure how to go about buying this as my brother in law is a frequent shopper and it was his 50th birthday! The guys who answered my queries were so helpful as well as an online voucher we also received a beautifully boxed voucher

Nicely made heavy buckle. The non flexible belt clasp on the rear makes threading a thicker belt end back back through to fasten almost impossible. Also, it’s positioning means that the only way to get the snakehead to the top of the buckle when fastened (where it looks more natural and realistic, Is to put the buckle on the RHS of the belt as you put it on, threading the belt through right to left instead of the. Normal left to right, as you put it on. Great if you are left handed but if right handed it’s then very hard to thread the belt through the buckle, left to right, and then tighten and fasten. Shame, as the snake head at the top is how the belt buckle is pictured in all the shots, and looks the best visually, but practically it’s not ideal to display that way, given the side that the bar is placed on the rear.

Great belt!

Found you in London on a trip 10 years ago. Awesome service to Canada. Best belts going!


Love the belts, love even more that they called me after I had ordered online to make sure I had ordered the right size (I hadn’t!).

Embossing Service
Roger Stewart
Extremely Quick and Efficient

Embossed, ordered and returned in under a week. Amazing!

Jolson Burnished Denim Insert Belt Strap

Excellent Service

Lovely belt delivered very quickly!

Unique buckle which, whilst classic in its shape, is very innovative as a belt buckle.

I enjoy having this in several belts of mine.

Just amazing product!!! Quality is excellent, service and information as well. All was excellent!

Best belt in the world

Great belt

Rich brown tumbled leather belt