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Tan Belts

Welcome to our fabulous collection of luxurious Tan leather belts. Tan of course is the broadest of all colour categories, a catch all title for colours ranging from soft almond through to dark chestnut and beyond. No one Tan belt is the answer which is why we take such pleasure in offering you a collection of Tan belts that covers an entire colour palette! At least a couple of these belts (one lighter, one darker) should be an essential component of anyone's belt wardrobe, but really the possibilities are endless. Our Tan belts range from classic to contemporary, each one has its place. Even the simplest belt has it own wonderful attributes, the finest grain, the softest touch, a delicate sheen. Of course you can also get creative and check out our designed Tan belt styles where we mix leathers, add textures or embellish with stitch detail, perforation, rivets or embossing. Then of course there is the buckle which adds a vital, individual finishing touch! Whatever you choose you can be sure it will be a belt that is beautifully made, handcrafted from the finest Italian or Spanish leather and made traditionally in our Atelier with great care and attention paid to each and every tiny detail, from stitching to polishing to painting.