Bespoke Projects

This is the service for you when one unique belt, buckle or accessory is all you need. Whether it be to turn your own personal design vision into reality, to commemorate a special occasion or achievement or simply just to show how much you care…

What can we offer you?

We can work with you to create a bespoke belt and buckle combination which is a hybrid of a handcrafted leather or exotic belt with your very own individual buckle design. We can equally work with you to create unique accessory, decorative or homeware styles crafted in the same luxurious materials.

Why a bespoke belt and buckle?

If you already love your belts then what could make a more personal and unique statement than having your own one off design created for you? Alternatively a bespoke belt is a most individual gift that allows you to incorporate personal or sentimental details. A bespoke buckle can also commemorate achievements or reflect hobbies and passions with the addition of dates, numbers and memorabilia – Bullet Shells, a Hole in One, Nautical themes, Birthstones…It can also become a true piece of jewellery with the addition of precious or semi precious stones. Whilst most importantly belts are practical and stylish they have the additional benefit of being extremely distinctive when worn with a durability that guarantees years of use.

What other products can we create?

We can put our creative minds to designing any form of accessory, decorative or homeware style that can be crafted or covered in leather. Whether this be a personal accessory such as a wallet, card holder or folio or something more suited to a home or business such as a picture frame, desk set, even a piece of furniture.

How does it work?

The process starts with a one to one consultancy session with one of our designers who will discuss your needs, ideas and any budgetary requirements.

Following this initial meeting we will work to come up with a selection of sketches, colour swatches and prices for you to assess.

Once a design has been specified we will move to prototyping both belt and buckle submitting visuals, colours and and samples where appropriate. We will ask for your feedback and approval and make any necessary changes before moving to production.

What materials can we use?

Your belt or accessory can be made in any number of plain, textured and exotic leathers. We will help you choose based on colour, utility and design aesthetic.

Dependent on the specifics of your design your one off buckle will be made either from Brass , Sterling silver or gold. We can add colour or create identity with the addition of Swarovski crystals, semi-precious or precious stones and enamel.

What other details can be customized?

We can add logos, crests, messages or initials to the inside of any belt or buckle for the ultimate personal touch. These can be plain embossed, silver/gold embossed or applied in specific personalized colours.

How long does it take?

In general you should allow 3-4 months from the date of initial commission to receipt of the final product. This can be quicker but each project has its own parameters so we will be able to better guide you after our initial consultation meeting.


Bespoke belt pricing starts from £300

Bespoke buckle pricing starts at £650 plus a one off prototyping fee starting from £500.

Bespoke accessory pricing starts at £300 plus a one off prototyping fee starting from £400.

We will be able to give you precise pricing information once we understand your specific needs and quantity requirements.


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