We're always looking for interesting partnerships with people who love our belts. Michael Pickering and Georgia Lennon aka 'One Trick Pony' started out as Elliot Rhodes customers but after a long chat with the duo in-store it seemed logical that Elliot Rhodes could become integral to the contemporary image they want to bring to the Country & Western music scene.

We have been styling them with a selection of belts for the last months in preparation for their forthcoming tour, album artwork and press events - you can see below the looks we have been working on.

The couple are incredibly charming, full of passion for what they do and as far as we can tell unbelievably talented. They also have a charming Cockapoo puppy called Deacon who has been a regular at our in-store styling sessions.

One Trick Pony wearing Elliot Rhodes Belts


They have been broadening my knowledge and appreciation of Country & Western music - something I had anyway become more and more partial to over the last years with artists like Lady A and Darius Rucker - so they now have me listening to and appreciating Luke Coombs, Carrie Underwood, Chris Stapleton to name a few...

They release their 3rd single 12/3/21 which is really exciting and hopefully will lead to the release of their first Album.

A little more about Michael &  Georgia

ONE TRICK PONY are a Northern-bred, London-based, singing-songwriting, emerging UK Country Duo formed of Georgia Lennon and Michael Pickering. Having sung together for over two years now, 2020 marked the development of an exciting country journey for the new duo despite the pesky constraints of COVID-19!

‘You’re That Face’ heralded One Trick Pony’s debut music release, appearing across all major music platforms on 11th December 2020. Their original takes country influences from Rascal Flatts, Keith Urban and Kacey Musgraves to name a few, forming an upbeat, feel good, positive energy to their debut. The song details the feeling an individual has when they realise they’ve finally met the person they’ve dreamed of!

One Trick Pony wearing Elliot Rhodes Belts

This debut single was closely followed by their follow-up single ‘Always Home’, which is imbued with a little Christmas spiritcul through jingle bells and country Christmas timbres. In our hearts we are ‘Always Home’ with the ones we love, and it’s this heartwarming spirit that drives the single.One Trick Pony worked with award-winning Tim Prottey-Jones as Producer for their debut single releases.

The duo’s sound thrives upon close harmony, upbeat rhythms and catchy melodies, taking country and pop musical influences, with recent music reviewers detailing their sound as ‘charming country goodness indeed’ with ‘exciting vocal work’.

You can find their music on Spotify or Apple

One Trick Pony wearing Elliot Rhodes Belts