Justin Elliot RHODES

In these surreal times it is hard for any of us to focus on business as usual. This is clearly not how I envisaged us celebrating our 15th Anniversary.

Over the last days, in addition to keeping an open dialogue with our own small ER team to reassure and advise them I have also been speaking with the many artisans in Italy & Spain who help us craft our belts and buckles. Our conversations rarely mention work but rather focus on the personal side with questions about the wellbeing of families, friends and staff. After 15 years of collaborating it is far more than just work that binds us together.

When it comes to business, borders do not separate us, we are all in the same boat - trying to figure out how to navigate this very uncertain time. On the continent work continues in limiting circumstances, here in London our stores are still open but we guess it is a question of when, rather than if, we will be obliged to serve you solely online.

Not that shopping or going out are top of anyone's agenda but if you do venture out or think of shopping online, please do try where possible to support smaller shops, cafes and restaurants. I can assure you that every small sale is valuable and deeply appreciated.

Most importantly all of us here wish you, your families and your friends well at this trying time.

Take good care,