Music surrounds us every day - wherever we go, whatever we do there tends to be a soundtrack to accompany us!

When it comes to the music we play in-store we would like to think that our eclectic choices are a continued expression of our individuality. We play music that we love, but most importantly we play music that we believe will enhance your experience in-store.

That does not mean just playing any old music at any time - far from it - choosing the right music to suit the moment and mood is quite an art form. It's funny but you can really see when you are connecting with customers as they hum, top tap and click their fingers to the various tunes.

Elliot Rhodes 15 years of music Playlist on Spotify    Elliot Rhodes 15 years of music Playlist on Google Music

Each time of day brings its own moods - early in the morning it might be the soothing tones of Ella Fitzgerald, Nina Simone or Aretha Franklin, as the day progresses we might move into some fun 80's tracks, Queen, Elton, Pet Shop Boys...or go more indie with The Verve, Michael Kiwanuka, Lana Del rey, Paloma Faith...when we feel the need for an energy boost we might get some Killers, Muse, Pink or Green Day...and as the day winds down some classic soul might ease us into the evening - Bobby Womack, Isaac Hayes...or maybe some mellow vibes from The XX, Vampire Weekend or Air

The key is to catch the customer vibe and match the music to suit...

To celebrate our 15 year anniversary we asked each of our senior ER staff members (Andrea, Carlos & Klaudia) to choose their 15 favourite tracks...onto which I added another 45 that we have turned to time and again since opening our doors in 2004...(A nod to fondly remembered staff such as Oliver, Emma, Yasmin & Vlakko).

You can find links to the playlists - best shuffled for a truly fun and eclectic soundtrack to your day covering the last 7 decades!