Q & A

Back in July we met up with fashion blogger and luxury shirt designer, Carl Thompson. After a good hour spent deciding on a personalised combination in our Gees Court branch, Carl opted for a khaki mock snakeskin belt and a gunmetal prong buckle. 3 months later, we were keen to find out how Carl has been getting along with his belt…

1. You’ve had your Elliot Rhodes belt for 3 months now – is it withstanding the rigours of daily wear?

Easily. I know the difference between quality products and cheap ones and these belts use the finest materials and workmanship. My wear and tear is zero and looks like I have just purchased it...I have been wearing the belt once a week during this time.

2. What is the best thing about your belt?

The uniqueness.

3. Will you be looking to add a new buckle into the mix? After all, we’re all about mixing and matching our buckles!

My last buckle was a brass colour with a matte finish which worked extremely well with the belt’s khaki colour, although I think a black square buckle would also go nicely.

4. On what occasions have you been wearing your belt? Would you say it is better for casual and more formal outfits?

My belt is firmly in the casual circle...I have been wearing it more during Autumn/Winter as the colour of my belt is an earthy green. If I wear anything Khaki or black it is my belt of choice. For a formal occasion, I would choose a more classic style and smaller belt buckle.

5. Has anyone commented on your belt?

Belts are sometimes a bit of an unsung hero in mens styling, much like socks - but this belt is eye-catching so draws attention and positive comments.

6. Have you recommended Elliot Rhodes to someone in need of a little luxury around their waist?

I have actually – I have had lots of people asking where I got my belt from after reading my blog post and seeing the styled images.

7. Which belt is next on your wish list?

I would love to go for a more formal belt and I LOVE the mock croc style belt in black with a shiny silver buckle.

8. Sum up your Elliot Rhodes experience in three words.

Friendly, knowledgeable and happy.

Click the below link to read Carl’s blog review of Elliot Rhodes.