What is it about Denim?

The comfort, the fit, the durability or just the fact that it’s the most wonderful blank canvas for so many occasions?

Somehow in a world where we have more choice than we know what to do with we remain forever united in our love for one single ubiquitous trouser product, denim.

Of course denim is not just denim, with all its washes, weaves and weights it has morphed away from its workwear origins to become a highly diversified and specialist art form. No other trouser material gets close to its dominance and as our love affair evolves so denim has become as collectible as art and as obsessively purchased as fine wine.

But…as distinctive as denim may be it is ultimately still denim, a little lighter, a little darker, a little finer but hard for all but the true connoisseur to really differentiate.

Are those Jacob Cohen or J Brand, Edwin or Evisu?

Somewhere along the way it seems to have been forgotten that the blank canvas of denim only really becomes art when paired with its loyal sidekick, the belt.

So next time you slip on your current favourites, or are about to invest a hefty chunk in a new pair, think about what will truly set them apart and bring them to life.

Remember….Bogie needed Bacall, Bonnie needed Clyde, Laurel needed Hardy, Clueso needed Cato…

Your Denim needs Elliot Rhodes!

#denim deserves better