When it comes to design we are always looking to push boundaries and experiment. We can only progress and learn if we look to expand our horizons, do things differently and take risks.

Our latest design concept started as an idea one day when I was sat in a tailor looking at a bolt of traditional Tweed fabric. There is something both quintessentially British and also timeless about fabric that has been woven on these Isles since the early 19th Century. A fabric that started life as a practical, moisture resistant durable solution ideally suited to outdoor countrywear morphed over time into a staple of mainstream fashion.

So, the question was whether we could harness the aesthetic properties of this fabric and its traditional connotations and create something contemporary that would work in our world of belts and make a statement. We started by choosing 3 colours of world famous Harris Herringbone tweed, woven as it has always been in the Hebrides on the west coast of Scotland.

We then came up with 2 styles that we feel really act as a blend between tradition and modernity.

Our Coppola style comes in a 30mmwidth and is made with a tubular construction which means that it has just a single seam with tweed front and back and a contemporary angled tip. We placed leather in the tip area for both design and reinforcement purposes.

Tweed belts collection

This style is ideal for both men and women – for women looking to channel this season’s masculine aesthetic it is ideal whether with trousers, a skirt or cinching in a jacket or coat. For men on slimmer trousers the contrast in texture on cotton or twill trousers will be really sharp.

Our Coltrane style in a 40mm width, with its layered construction is tried and tested. We felt that the mix of the Herringbone Tweed with hand burnished Saffiano edging would be the perfect complementary mix both aesthetically as well as in terms of weight and feel.

Tweed belts collectionIt’s a little heavier in style, shows lovely craftsmanship and would be a great way to add an alternative look and feel to denim or any type of trouser. Ideal for men but for women a style that you could definitely use over jackets or heavier constructed fabrics.

We feel that both styles really set a new design standard, will throw in an additional texture to your outfit and give you a contemporary heritage look. I have no doubt that if you add one to your collection it will most certainly grab a little attention!

Our Harris Tweed belt collection is now in store (25/09/17)