2 weeks into 2023 and if you are anything like me this is the prime time to think of reinvention and renewal. We can all strive to be a better version of ourselves as each new year begins.

Style is always a good starting point, a simple, visual way of expressing change. Over the next weeks I'll introduce a few belt styles (both old & new) that might just help you on your way to creating the new, improved 2023 version of you!

This week I am introducing you to 'Buetto'...a style that could be your first important step to a 2023 style reinvention. Check out the video where I will explain it in greater detail or read on below!

Enjoy the journey!


 Introducing 'Buetto'...Step up your casual belt style in 2023

What's cool about this belt?

The diamond micro perforation on this rich supple vegetable tanned leather gives the belt a light airiness and brings the surface to life. The softly cambered edges (a new technique) add softness and sophistication.

What are my Buckle Options?

You can go ahead and use a simple prong style and let the texture of the belt do the talking. Personally, I prefer to find a buckle that shows some interplay with the leather. My 4 choices above all do this in different ways.

- The Dimple prong is simple but has a soft form and its own subtle texture. A sleek, natural partner.

- The Double C buckle with its delicate rows of Swarovski crystals again mimics the texture below and also shows how you can dress this belt up for all sorts of occasions.

- Our Interlocking Lizard design is right at home here too...sleekly aligning itself with the line of the belt whilst its own mixed surface texture harmonises with the leather below. The antique gold finish adds extra warmth.

- The look of our Laser cut horn plate buckle is enhanced by pairing with the perforated leather below. The differing textures (smooth outer, textured inner) shakes things up. It's got a western vibe in a contemporary way thanks to its gunmetal finish.

Why add to your belt collection?

You've probably got a casual unlined belt already, a go to, rugged workhorse belt. This new design is cut from the same cloth but ups the ante in the style stakes - its a belt that has all the best attributes of one of our classic unlined belts with more sophistication! You can wear it ultra casual but equally dress it up...it'll add a little 'Je ne sais quoi' to any outfit!