Whilst our individual styles can stay true to who we are as people, taking inspiration from up and coming fashion trends can help spark up your love for your current wardrobe through slight tweaks in your fashion choices. With trends continuously recycled with slight elevation, we have explored the runways of Spring/Summer 2024 to foreshadow some of the best belts for this year to help guide you into the most stylish version of yourself.

With Spring creeping up on the horizons, now is the perfect time to start arranging all your bright and silhouette enhancing attire that was collecting dust in your wardrobes in winter. This years runway we saw fun and playful styles from the token creative genius that is Vivienne Westwood, down to the metallic finishes that pushed the storylines in Alexander McQueen's runway. 

Starting off strong with Anatomy II the SS24 show by Alexander McQueen, created through the influence of the female anatomy, Queen Elizabeth I, the blood rose and Magdalena Abakanowicz.

The combination of all these motifs generated a show with head to toe metallics and bright reds that outshined the dimly lit runway. Of Course, the metallics were a favourite here at Elliot Rhodes due to the latitude of metallic skins and finishes available in store. From our hand painted Golden Roccia Genuine Python Saturn Crystal Belt to the Metallic Seaweed Honeycomb Turtle Belt, adding a metallic finish to your belt collection doesn't have to be as simple as a silver strap. There can definitely still be an element of depth through experimenting with the different textures and colours available within our metallic belt range. Ultimately, the theme doesn't have to stop at the belt straps, with a wide array of buckles there's always an option to pair these straps with a shiny silver buckle finish to act more as a statement centre piece. 

Whilst all these styles cater to both men and women we wanted to slightly shift the focus on some of the looks we've seen across the men's SS24 runway. We've already seen a comeback in the Western look since Pharrell Williams became the

new creative director of Louis Vuitton, which we particularly adored and decided to bring back some of our favourite western style items in store and online. Some of these styles include our Wave Texture Black Supple Western Steerhead Belt and our Supple Dark Brown Galloping Horse Oval Belt. Continuing on with the slight introduction of the 70's craze with high tapered waists, seeing the return of classic tailoring styles has inspired the usage of belts for men. A clean cut example would be this look from Prada's Spring Summer 2024 Men's runway, whilst the look is minimalistic the attire allows for the precision of the silhouette created through crafted tailoring to shine. Whether your look is a tailored pair of pants similar to these or a rendition of the old school 70's aesthetic, there's nothing better than pulling your look together with a striking belt. Depending on your colour scheme and texture pattern there are numerous ways you could style a belt into a look such as this one. To keep to the slightly smarter more chic styling we would start off by suggesting our Dark Blue Mock Croc Classic Belt, through its shine and mock croc texture, this belt differentiates itself from others. Alternatively, if your bold enough, why not opt for the real deal? Our Narrow Dark Brown Genuine Crocodile Flank Belt is sophisticated in its natural form, the apparent veins work amazing when paired with brown and earthy tones. This particular Crocodile Flank comes in a glossy finish, making this the perfect timeless piece to add into your wardrobe.

This season we saw a direction towards head to toe monochrome, whilst brands such as Valentino, Hermes, Shiaparelli and many more were opting for reds. Although we find this to be extravagant and daring, for the individuals who many find this to be out of there comfort zone may we suggest white? With every

season there are multiple colours that make the forefront of fashion trends and for 2024 white was plastered all over the runways. An example would this knee length ruffle and lace mixed pattern white dress from Miu Miu, the key to making this trend work is to look for interesting textures to create contrast with your outfit. One of the easiest ways to add depth is with a belt of course, whilst bright colours are foreshadowed to be a hit in the next two seasons now would be an excellent time to browse our eye catching coloured belts. Starting with our Novak Narrow Hot Tomato Tone Saffiano Belt, whilst we're trying to adhere to the foreshadowed trends of 2024 it doesn't take away from the fact that a red belt is an essential belt to have in your wardrobe. It can help add life to a monochrome outfit, either used to add shape to a dress or worn through the loopholes of a high waisted lightweight pant, the perfect way to accessories without feeling too heavy in the warmer seasons to come. If you're wanting to add a touch of white to your existing wardrobe then our Ivory Tone Mock Croc Crystal Loop Belt is a stunning choice, Mock Croc's are always fan favourites and layered with this ivory tone allows the details of the ridges to really shine. Paired with a sculptural crystal buckle to elevate this look by elevating its already stylish and chic look.

Overall, the team here at Elliot Rhodes are excited to see the playful looks that will be emerging out of the seasons to come, from metallics to bright tomato toned reds, and the reintroduction of sharp tailoring for men. With numerous new belts now available on our website in time with the shift in seasons, what's stopping you from updating your Elliot Rhodes collection?