With the wedding season approaching us, we believed now to be the best time to start introducing the perfect belts for the season. The union of two lovers, a special celebration deserves a special belt to tie your look together. Whether you're the groom, one of the best men/women, or an attendee, we will be showcasing some of our favourite selections as well as some tips on styling. 

Depending on when the season in which the celebration is taking place, you may find that colour schemes vary. While summer based weddings cater to a brighter colour scheme, winter weddings may opt for more cooler, neutral tones. Whatever the case may be we've curated a wide range of formal belts no matter the time of year or theme.

We understand that black suits tend to be the most popular, with that in mind we wanted to start by suggesting some black belts for those of you who love the sleek look. Starting off strong with our Elegant Box Calf Belt, a personal favourite for its dark colour scheme. This skin in particular is perfect as the Box Calf is widely known as a classic, subtle yet elegant. For those of you who prefer gold, we have the Black Carung Texture Sleek Gold Prong Belt. This particular mock texture allows for some extra depth when paired with most flatter textures of suits. Paired with a classic prong style buckle in gold to adhere to other accents in your attire, if you prefer gold over silver. Lastly for our selection of black suit belts we have our Black Mock Crocodile Belt With Satin Silver Buckle. It's subtle texture adds character, a belt that is undeniably classic and stylish. 

We understand that not everyone will opt for a black and white colour scheme and therefore we believe its only right to suggest belts for some different styles. For those of you who are opting for lighter colour schemes we wanted to start by suggesting our Mid Grey Lucertola Slice Prong Style Buckle. This texture is a little more contemporary in its approach, whilst it isn't the most classic skin its charm is highlighted through this tonal grey colourway.

For those of you who find yourselves to be a little more daring in your styling approach how about our Pacino Fudge Men's Hand Burnished Belt? This belt still remains sophisticated with its polished surface, revealing its two toned nature. Mixed with its perforated outlining, this belt is sleek and showcases it's attention to in depth craftmanship. 

Belts for the bride are often depicted with jewels and lace, how about a narrow white belt strap with a Swarovski crystal centre piece buckle? For your special day we would suggest styling a thinner belt into your look, the two best examples would be our 20mm Mock Crocodile Skinny Belt Strap or our 25mm Napa Feel Slim Belt Strap. These two strap options can give you the variety you need for your wedding dress, our Mock Crocodile strap has a hand crafted texture that can add depth to dresses that consist of flatter textural designs. Whilst our Napa Feel strap is smoother in comparison, working better for the dresses with more intricate detailing. We would suggest opting for an elegant yet glamorous buckle to act as a centre piece to your wedding dress, starting off strong with our 20mm Double Oval Crystal Buckle, available in Gunmetal and Gunmetal/Purple. This design oozes sophistication, showered in Swarovski Crystals this buckle is petite in size yet packs a punch. Our Second choice for the 20mm Mock Croc Belt Strap would be our Dainty Crystal Plate Buckle in Gunmetal. This buckle works with a mirrored flower motif, the petals add a essence of femininity which works excellently to elevate your wedding attire. We also have a stunning option for our white Napa Feel Strap in 25mm, again focusing of subtle detailing and craftsmanship. Our Crystal Encrusted Classic Prong Buckle is available in Gold, Silver and Satin Silver. Whilst these buckles resemble a classic prong style buckle, their intricate craftsmanship elevates these styles beyond their classic shape.   

Moving on to some more fun and colourful styles for the bridesmaids and the ladies in attendance, in this category we can find a a little more wiggle room to experiment with colours and textures as the themes wont be so constricted for these female guests. Concentrating on bright and vibrant colours our first belt of choice would be the Hot Pink Narrow Lucertola Texture Prong Belt, its mock lizard texture adds extra depth to this already colourful strap whilst its classic elongated prong style buckle ties this look together as a classy staple in your wardrobe. Moving on to a more pastel variation we have our Novak Narrow Hot Tomato Tone Interlock Belt, the Dauphin leather has become a staple in our catalogue over the past few years. This vibrant red is stunning as a summer accessory, paired with a Interlocking C buckle to add a sophisticated edge. Not only is it possible to wear on top of a dress but it can also work with a pencil leg trouser.

Moving onto some more mellow tones we have our Antelope Narrow Suede Belt, this stunning texture elevates outfits with its luxurious nature. Perfect as an accessory with class that doesn't take away too much shine from the outfit in

question. If you're open to experiment more with texture than colour then our stunning suggestion would have to be the Russett Narrow Mock Ostrich Quill Crystal Amulet Belt. Lastly, we cannot talk about belts for dresses without mentioning something from our wide belt range. These belts work with the female frame to cinch in the waist in a way that resembles a corset, our wide belt of choice would have to be the Taupe Fonda Wide Asymmetric Belt. Its cool base tone works excellently when blended with bright colours, and its classic leather finish enables it to be paired with numerous dress textures and prints. Our wide belts are one of our fan favourites for obvious reasons, you can shop the full range of wide belts here

From a classic Black Box Calf to our Hot Pink Lucertola Texture Belt, we have endless combinations for your next wedding celebration. Whilst you can shop the full range online, we offer an exceptional service in our London branch located in Covent Garden. The perfect way to be sized in real time and browse our full selection, if you're local to our London store then you're more than welcome to bring your attire so we can provide the perfect colour match.