With a chill in the air it is belatedly time to think of that Winter wardrobe refresh. We thought a few styling tips from our team might inspire you and get you thinking of ways to refresh your style with some clever use of both your existing belt styles or perhaps the addition of something new?

Hoping this inspires...wishing you a fabulous week! 

Denise's Styling Tip

Belts don't have to slip through loopholes, with the right styling they can help to accentuate your waistline on top of a dress, a knitted sweater, and even a chic coat. There's two ways in which you can achieve this stunning look, and we'll explain how. 
Want the belt to be more of a 'Corset'? Use one of your 40mm width belts (your jeans width) or maybe even consider going wider with one of our Super Wide 60mm+ belts. Their more substantial width will make the belt more of a centre piece to your outfit.



Want something with a lighter feel? No problem...there's always the option of going with a thinner belt like the 25mm Skinny Twig Tone Nubuck Belt shown above! This width can still highlight your body's accent features whilst adhering to a more subtle and dainty aesthetic.
Either or works perfectly, so matter your style you can definitely incorporate 
this styling tip into your next outfit!

Antoine's Styling Tip

For Gentlemen, Autumn is the perfect time to turn to the trusty feel and texture of a handwoven leather belt.

These supremely versatile styles which have served you so well in summer paired with lighter, floatier fabrics can now help you pivot effortlessly into Autumn by adding texture, weight and three dimensionality to heavier fabrics such as flannel, wool and brushed cotton. Rich, warm colours are ideal to complement an Autumnal colour palette.

Alessandra's style tip

You can never go wrong with a trouser and blazer combo, whether you choose jeans or smarter dress pants you've created the perfect opportunity to define your outfit with the addition of a statement belt.

You can choose to elevate the outfit by adding a belt with a pop of colour or alternatively keep the belt neutral and add an extravagant buckle to really catch some attention! Also consider experimenting with placement of the belt as this can change the outfit altogether, you can wear it through the loop hole of the trouser pant for a more traditional look or opt for styling the belt on top of your blazer to create more of a defined silhouette.