When I started Elliot Rhodes back in 2003 I did so in the belief that most people did not realise how important belts were in dressing stylishly. My belief was that most people simply did not have enough belt options to properly accessorize their varying outfits. Not their fault as to be honest no one was giving them enough good options to inspire them otherwise. If your option is just another black or brown belt in the same sort of leather it is hardly motivating.

So I started out on the basis that a good belt wardrobe needed to consist of at least 8 belts to cover the various occasions and situations that one might be dressing for.

My job was to design a belt collection that would allow everyone to find at least 8 belts that would properly complement their own particular style and outfit options.

In this video I talk you through what I would consider a great starting set of 8 belts for the discerning man. Now this is open to discussion of course dependent on the sort of colours you wear and the lifestyle you lead...but you'll get the idea.

Choosing the right belt for any given occasion is about colour, leather type and leather finish as well as belt detail. The buckle style also plays a key part in this too.

I see too many men using a belt that is just wrong for the occasion - the wrong width is common (slim suite style belt worn with denim for example), the wrong leather too (a heavy duty leather suitable for jeans but worn with smart trousers), not to mention the wrong colour (Black belt with chinos and brown shoes...yikes).

Anyway, this is food for thought - any questions or ideas send them my way! If you want some style advice I will do my best to help.